• Price List

    Odpowiedź: A set of prices and rates as well and the rules for applying them, developed by the seller and effective for the consumers, in line with the procedures prescribed by the act.
  • Power company; seller

    Odpowiedź: Energetyka Cieplna Opolszczyzny SA, with its headquarters in Opole, which carries out its business activity in heat production, transmission, distribution and trade.
  • Consumer

    Odpowiedź: Anyone who receives and consumes heat under an agreement with the seller.
  • Price List Group

    Odpowiedź: A group of consumers which use heat demand services, whose settlements are made under the same prices and rates, and rules for applying them.
  • Heat Source

    Odpowiedź: Devices or installations connected with one another which are used to generate heat.
  • Local Heat Source

    Odpowiedź: Located in a building, a heat source that directly supplies heat systems only for that building.
  • Local Heat Generation Plant

    Odpowiedź: A local heat source or heat source with an installed thermal power which does not exceed 5 MW, which supplies external heat systems.
  • Heat Distribution Network

    Odpowiedź: Devices or installations connected with one another which are used to transmit and distribute heat from heat sources to heat transfer stations.
  • Heat System

    Odpowiedź: Devices or installations connected with one another which are used to carry heat or hot water from heat transfer stations or heat sources to heat sinks or hot water connections in a building.
  • External Heat System

    Odpowiedź: Sections of heat systems which connect a group heat transfer station or heat source and heat systems in buildings, including in the buildings with an installed group heat transfer station or heat source.
  • Heat Service Connection

    Odpowiedź: A section of a heat distribution network which supplies heat to only one heat transfer system, or a section of external heat systems behind a group heat transfer station or heat source, connecting the systems with heat systems in buildings.
  • Heat Carrier

    Odpowiedź: Water or steam supplied to fill in the heat distribution network and heat systems, and to refill carrier losses outside the heat source.
  • Heat Transfer Station

    Odpowiedź: Devices or installations connected with one another which are used to change the type or parameters of a heat carrier supplied from the heat service connection and to adjust the heat amount supplied to heat systems.
  • Group Heat Transfer Station

    Odpowiedź: A heat transfer station for more than one building.
  • Building

    Odpowiedź: A structure or building along with heat systems.
  • Measurement and Settlement System

    Odpowiedź: A set of devices approved for use in line with separate regulations, which is used to measure the heat carrier amount and parameters whose readings constitute a basis to calculate fees for heat supply.
  • Thermal Power

    Odpowiedź: The amount of heat generated or supplied to warm up a specific heat carrier, or the amount of heat received from the carrier in a time unit.
  • Settlement Conditions

    Odpowiedź: a) computed atmospheric air temperature defined for a climatic zone, b) a standard hot water temperature.
  • Contracted Thermal Power

    Odpowiedź: The highest thermal power determined by a consumer or an entity applying for heat network connection, which will be recorded in a building under computed conditions and which, according to the technical conditions and technological requirements prescribed by separate regulations for such a building, is required to ensure: a) covering heat losses to keep a standard temperature and change of air, b) maintaining a standard temperature for hot water in water outlets, c) correct operation of other devices and systems.
  • Illegal Heat Consumption

    Odpowiedź: Heat consumption without concluding an agreement with a power company, which entirely or partially bypasses the measurement and settlement system or which interferes into the system and which leads to forging of measurements performed by the measurement and settlement system.
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