ECO offers heat settlements to its clients depending on their needs:

  • According to the prices and rates in the heat price list: The basic settlement method is to apply the prices and rates in the price list. Consumers are charged monthly fixed fees based on the thermal power amount they ordered and variable fees based on the heat amount used in a month,
  • By advance payments: It is possible to request monthly heat settlements by advance payment of variable fees given in PLN per GJ based on the energy consumption forecast. The settlement period is the calendar year,
  • Individually: Tenants are charged directly with a fee; settlements for flats which are supplied via horizontal facilities: in buildings with heat consumption meters, tenants of flats may be charged individually for central heating and hot water with a fee according to the individual settlement service,
  • Quantity and amount attachments to invoices: Heat fees can be defined in terms of heating and hot water on request, with a breakdown into individual buildings.
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