ECO Group

Collaboration with Schools and Universities

In 2008, ECO SA became a sponsor of the specialist education of fourth grade students in the technical school of the Tadeusz Kościuszko Affiliated Electrical Schools in Opole. The project involves thermal process automatics and industrial automatics. The classes, primarily laboratories, are carried out in the company by our personnel, who have remarkable professional skills and practical experience as well as teaching qualifications. The best students interested in their professional career at ECO may receive co-financing for their further education.
In 2009, we concluded a collaboration agreement with the Silesian University of Technology which allows the students of the final year who major in Power Engineering to apply for a scholarship sponsored by ECO SA. After graduation, they may be employed with the ECO Group. Also, the company will make it possible for the students to have their vocational practical training and to prepare their diploma works and for the educational staff to conduct laboratories in the company.
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