ECO Group

Social Programme

For many years, our company has offered an extensive social programme for our employees and their families, as well as for former ECO employees who draw a pension or disability allowance.The provisions of the programme are included in the Rules of the Company Benefit Fund, out of which over 1 million PLN is used every year for various purposes connected with our social activities. This finances or co-finances the following:

  • Organised recreational activities for our employees and their families (holidays, sanatorium treatments, trips),
  • Summer and winter camps for children and adolescents within collective organised recreational activities for children and adolescents,
  • Low-interest rate loans for the construction and extension of a house, renovation of a house or a flat, purchase of a house or a flat on the primary and secondary market and buyout of a leased flat,
  • Gifts for employees' children and retired employees,
  • If our employees are in a difficult life situation, they may apply for the non-repayable material or financial aid,
  • Furthermore, we carry out cultural and educational activities and share the costs of buying tickets for certain events and for access to sport facilities.
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