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Laboratory Services

 Analyses of solid fuels: coal and coke

Properties for analysis:

  • Heat of combustion and calculation of calorific value
  • Ash content
  • Total moisture content, including analytic, transient and air-dried coal moisture
  • Total sulphur content
  • Chloride content
  • Volatile matter content

Analyses of liquid fuels: heating oil

Properties for analysis:

  • Heat of combustion
  • Calorific value, including sulphur content
  • Viscosity
  • Density

Determination of combustible fractions in furnace waste (slag and ash)

Determination of sulphur content in furnace waste

Measurements of emission of particulates and gaseous pollutants from the sources of combustion of fuels for energy-generation purposes

Properties for analysis:

  • Gas volume flow
  • Dust concentration
  • Concentration of gaseous components
  • Calculation of emission volumes

Measurements of concentration and emission of particulates and gaseous pollutants, including VOCs from various sources (woodworking shops, paint shops, etc.)

Checking oxygen probes and gas analyzers on calibration gases

Measurements of work environment conditions under OHS regulations

Properties for analysis:

  • Dust content, including total dust concentration and respirable dust concentration
  • Noise
  • Lighting intensity and uniformity
  • Concentration of toxic substances
  • Microclimate

Measurement of noise levels in the environment sourced from systems and equipment

Checking resistance temperature detectors

Measurements of traffic noise levels on roads, railways and tramways

Heat generation plant balance measurements

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