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Individual Settlements

Individual settlements are intended for residents of multi-family houses (housing communities, co-operatives etc.). It allows us to individually settle the heat consumed by specific flats, and are made based on the readings of the heat consumption meters for each flat.

The necessary technical conditions to implement individual settlements are:

  • All the flats should have a horizontal heat distribution system together with heat consumption meters connected with the central reading system. In such systems, radiators installed in each flat are connected into one system most often led out to the staircase. Individual systems for the flats are connected to a common heating riser, which means there are no heating risers in individual flats.
  • Owners of all flats express their consent to use the individual settlement service.

When the individual settlement service is applied only to selected flats, beside the separation and preparation of internal systems, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the owners of the remaining flats

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