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    Heat in the city

    The ECO Group is a leading producer and supplier of environmentally friendly district heating, operating over 10 voivodeships in Poland.

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ECO Group

While the beginnings of the heating company, based in Opole, date back to 1968, the Energetyka Cieplna Opolszczyzny Company was established in 1998 as a regional operator.

Today, as the result of a series of successful acquisitions, the ECO Group now operates in ten voivodeships, and has aims for further expansion and new clients throughout Poland.

The Group’s core business is the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of heat and electricity. Alongside these main areas, ECO Serwis secures the transmission and distribution of heat and specializes in inspection, renovation and investment in networks, junctions and heat sources, and ECO Logistyka trades in fuel, in particular the supply of coal to all Group companies and provides specialised services from its Environmental Protection Laboratory.

District Heating

Every day, over 15 million Poles are supplied with district heating. It is a maintenance-free and safe way to heat buildings, widely available in urban areas.

For information on connecting your facility to one of our district heating systems, please contact:

Monika Kowalczyk

Advantages of district heating

Hot Water

We have a modern and convenient method for supplying domestic hot water.

If you are the owner of a building requiring heating and have not considered a fully comprehensive system, then give us a call.

For detailed information on extending the heat supply to your facility, please contact:

Monika Kowalczyk

Hot water system advantages


Our energy is generated using high-efficiency cogeneration. This means that together with heat, we also produce electricity. Our latest product is “ecosmart heat and electricity”. This supplements the supply of thermal energy with the sale of electricity. We guarantee an efficient sales process and clear contract terms. Please contact:

Krzysztof Chlebosz

Servicing and construction

Supplying high-quality, safe energy is not all that we do. ECO Serwis has a range of services in the construction and operation of modern heat distribution centres, heating networks, heating devices, inspections and servicing. Please contact us.

ECO Corporate Social Responsibility

Energetyka Cieplna Opolszczyzny and the ECO SA Capital Group are run on the principle of sustainable development. Our corporate social responsibility is reflected in the ECO SA Capital Group development strategy for 2017-2021 and its mission, whereby the company provides high-quality energy solutions to its customers, thus building shareholder value and supporting the sustainable development of local communities. ECO's statutory activity is guided by achieving the highest quality standards, customer care and care for the natural environment, while striving for the development of the company and its staff.

Contact us

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